"Where Life is a Touch of Art and Art Touches your Life" - Testimonials
"Where Life is a Touch of Art and Art Touches your Life" -                        Home of Sassy's Bucket List
“The level of service at ".Francois' Touch of Art Gallery " is honest and trustworthy.  I've known Sandra for a long time and I remember how excited she was to get her company started.  Even though her painting started from frustration it has become so relaxing for her.That reason was enough for me to purchase my 1st art piece from her "Splash" it now hangs in my office and I get quit a few complements. Wishing you dream come true. Way to go Sandra. Keep it up !!....... Khalid
Hi Sandra, I hadn't had the opportunity to contact you or visit with you since our first meeting and luncheon after church, and I just wanted to say hello. I wanted to again thank you and remind you that I really enjoyed you on our first meeting and I'm happy that you and Diane are working diligently together to bring your missions into focus. I visited your website and you did a beautiful job. I love your art and I may have to have you do a few selections for me ;). Let me extend my hopes for you regarding your upcoming event this weekend. I'm sure it will go well and that people will see you for the beautiful person you are as well as for your artistic talents. So, just in case I miss it this weekend, all my best regards for you on this new leg of God's journey for you. May He take you to the next level, may your dreams be realized, may you soar and may His will for you manifest in ways you never imagined. All my best wishes to you and yours......... Darlene
I am the lady who sits behind you in church. Your art is truly a God given gift. I admire you for holding on to your dream. Your art is Beautiful! God Bless You........ Patricia